The Critical Importance of Critical Thinking

Lately in class we’ve been doing a bit of critical thinking. Our professor asked us: “in the new student union building, should they put hand dryers or paper towel dispensers in the bathroom?” Seeing as I was in the clean energy program after all, my choice was obviously hand dryers! He then said, “well sure,…

Finance, Food and Recipes, Independence

Does Money = Wealth?

What does it mean to be wealthy? The word wealth instantly conjures the thought of a big bank account and a ballin’ penthouse with fancy leather furniture. This is the immediate response simply because we’ve grown up thinking money can essentially buy you whatever you could possibly need. But can it actually? My theory is true wealth…

Minimalism, Simplicity

The Century of the Small

“Perhaps that’s what the 21st century has in store for us. The dismantling of the Big…. big bombs, big dams, big idealogies, big contradictions, big countries, big wars, big heroes, big mistakes. Perhaps it will be the Century of the Small. Perhaps right now, at this very minute, there’s a small god up in heaven…

Happiness, Mindfulness

A Lesson From Siddhartha

I’d like to share my favorite quote from the novel Siddhartha, by Hermanne Hesse. But first to give some background of the situation in the story, Siddhartha and his friend Govinda are living in the time of Buddha. Govinda follows closely the teachings of Buddha and is seeking enlightenment. Siddhartha however goes out on his own,…

Happiness, Health, Mindfulness

It’s All in Your Head

The mind is a powerful thing. Most of you have heard of the Placebo Effect, where people have been cured of serious ailments like chronic pain, depression even stomach ulcers just from the power of thought, believing that they are taking a medical drug when it’s in fact just an inert pill. This concept applies…

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