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Don’t Get Swindled by the Psychology of Shopping

“When consumers feel like they’re missing out, they buy just to avoid being the loser. That’s loss aversion at its finest: When an individual scrambles to buy an item simply because he or she doesn’t want to be left without.” – What just happened? At 8:00am I entered a long lineup outside the Vancouver Conference…

DIY, Minimalism

Saying Thanks to My Backpack

Thanks backpack, my good pal. Marie Kondo, the reason behind my blog post on tidying, suggests that we should develop strong bonds with our beloved stuff and create a habit of gratitude towards all the things that get us through the day. In her book, Marie describes her routine: when she gets home from work and puts away…

Self Improvement, Simplicity

The Hierarchy of Problem Solving

Abraham Maslow nailed it. In 1943, the American psychology professor came up with this pyramid called Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs: Back in the 40’s, psychologists focused their time on figuring out how to fix people’s problems, or in other words, minimize the negatives. Maslow believed more time should rather be spent figuring out how to maximize the…

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