Minimalism, Reducing Stress

The Life Changing Magic of e-Tidying

In a previous post I summed up the revolutionary getting-rid-of-stuff book by Marie Kondo, ‘The Life Changing Magic of Tidying up.‘ I didn’t think I owned much before, but after I read the book I still ended up compiling a few sizeable bags of clothes, books and random things and dropped them off at the thrift store. That felt great,…

DIY, Minimalism

Saying Thanks to My Backpack

Thanks backpack, my good pal. Marie Kondo, the reason behind my blog post on tidying, suggests that we should develop strong bonds with our beloved stuff and create a habit of gratitude towards all the things that get us through the day. In her book, Marie describes her routine: when she gets home from work and puts away…

Design, Simplicity, Small Housing

Life at Home in the 21st Century

“No archaeologist will fail to recognize the striking material signature of AD 2001-2005 America a thousand years from now.” – final sentence of the book Last week I wrote about the perfect house, in the sense of what a home would look like as a space for everything we need to live comfortably and nothing…

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