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My Experience Moving Weebly to WordPress

It feels very exciting to have my newly WordPress’d site up and running! I’ve been with Weebly for about 3-4 years now, and it’s been a fantastic, affordable (even free ninety-nine), quick-to-start and easy to use place to build and ‘host’ my blossoming blog. Granted, it’s not without its quirks and glitches but overall I’ve…

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The Hierarchy of Problem Solving

Abraham Maslow nailed it. In 1943, the American psychology professor came up with this pyramid called Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs: Back in the 40’s, psychologists focused their time on figuring out how to fix people’s problems, or in other words, minimize the negatives. Maslow believed more time should rather be spent figuring out how to maximize the…

Self Improvement

A Mission Statement for Yourself

It’s quite common for a company to have some sort of mission statement or motto. From a business perspective, if you don’t state what service you want to provide, your core values and your intended purpose, it’s easy to lose your way and get pulled in different directions. For example, Patagonia (a popular outdoor clothing…

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