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A Letter to the Mayors Around the World

Dear Mayors of the World, First off, I’m sorry to say that you have a tough job. Your cities are growing incredibly fast, with 2 billion people collectively coming your way by 2050. This is going to put some serious pressure on health care, education, and housing. I don’t claim to have all the answers, but here’s…

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What I’ve Learned Converting to Mustachianism

I think I’ve finally found a religion that truly speaks to me. Mr. Money Mustache has proclaimed through the medium of blog posts, how to achieve ‘financial freedom through badassity,’ and in doing so has developed a way of life known as Mustachianism. I haven’t yet made it through all of his 200+ articles that…


Can Our Cities Become More Resilient?

“Plan for the future, because that’s where you’re going to spend the rest of your life.” -Mark Twain This past year in Vancouver has brought some wacky, wild weather, most notably a few wind storms that knocked out power to thousands of households for up to 5 days. The most recent loss of our power made me realize how truly reliant…

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