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The No-Fail Daily Smoothie Recipe

This is a follow up to my proclamation to the world my love for the Vitamix blender. For the lazy man and woman, the smoothie provides the absolute highest ‘nutrition-received’ to ‘work and time required’ ratio. Within 10 minutes, I can throw everything in, blend it, pour, drink it, and clean it, and it makes enough…


Good Health is a Superpower

If you happen to be an incredibly lucky individual, you may have been blessed with the most amazing possession someone on this planet can have: a healthy body. Having relatively good health is what I would call a gift, a miracle, or even a superpower. Okay, so I realize it’s not a superpower that’ll get get you…

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It’s All in Your Head

The mind is a powerful thing. Most of you have heard of the Placebo Effect, where people have been cured of serious ailments like chronic pain, depression even stomach ulcers just from the power of thought, believing that they are taking a medical drug when it’s in fact just an inert pill. This concept applies…

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