Happiness, Regardless

I’ve spent the last few years learning about happiness, not because I’m an unhappy person by any means, I just want to be as happy as I can possibly be: I’m healthy and young and living in Canada…there’s no reason I shouldn’t be the happiest guy in the world, right? So I’d just like to…

Happiness, Simplicity

The Journey, Not the Destination

I recently read an amazing book called No Impact Man. It’s about a guy named Colin Beaven who lives in New York City and goes off the grid and lives, well, with no impact. For him and his family it’s no electricity, no subway, trains, plains, local food only…the list goes on. It’s cool to follow along…


Think of the Possibilities!

Do you ever stop and think about the absolutely mind-blowing amount of opportunity and information and freedom that we have in our lives? You can buy any material good you can think of with the click of a button. You can find accurate information and the answers to all your questions within a minute on…

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