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You Don’t Have to: Fix What Ain’t Broken

A Recount of the Terrifying Experience of Forgetting my Phone at Home
A Year of Altruism, and the Paradox of Having too Much Money

You Don’t Have to: Worry


You Don’t Have to: Like Stuff that Other People Like

Don’t Get Swindled by the Psychology of Shopping

You Don’t Have to: Buy Expensive Gear or a Gym Membership to Be Fit
Hedonistic Sustainability: Why Saving the World Doesn’t Mean Compromise

You Don’t Have to: Grow Up
Beware of the Little Life Costs: They Add Up Like Crazy
To my Fellow Millennials: Can we Really Follow in Our Parents’ Footsteps?

You Don’t Have to: Fill all the Little Life Spaces
Street Fight: Lessons Learned from NYC’s Urban Revolution

The Slow Movement: How to Slow it Down in a Fast-Paced World
You Don’t Have to: Recycle

You Don’t Have to: Buy a Big Pickup Truck
Auto-tuning Your Mind (not feat. T-Pain)

You Don’t Have to: Travel the World
Why Passive House is the Home of the Future

You Don’t Have to: Read the Comments Section
The Happiness Catch-22: The Best Way to Appreciate Something you Have…is to Not Have it.


I Just Made the Biggest Investment of my Life, and I Have No Idea How it Works
Project Maximum Altruism: A Year of Serious Giving
You Don’t Have to: Buy a Diamond Ring
My Experience Being a Part of the Wealthy Elite

3 Things to Do While Waiting at a Red Light
What I’ve Learned from Tweaking my Perspective
You Don’t Have to: Always be Busy

You Don’t Have to: Please Everyone
The Life Changing Magic of e-Tidying
Saying Thanks to my Backpack
I Must be Getting Old: I’m Addicted to Tidying

There’s an App for That: Great Tools for Effective Meditation
You Don’t Have to: Eat Meat to Get Enough Protein

You Don’t Have to: Escape the 9 to 5
You Don’t Have to: Listen to Experts
You Don’t Have to: Make a Lot of Money

You Don’t Have to: Have a Lawn
Storing Rainwater Without a Tank
You Don’t Have to: Use Commercial Cleaning Products
You Don’t Have to: Shower Every Day

You Don’t Have to: Focus on One Thing
A Letter to Mayors of the World
You Don’t Have to Do Anything
Getting Stuff Done: A Step-Down Method

Noticing Moments of ‘Enough’
Unplanned Resilience: How we Can Plan for Whatever
Why I Think Everyone Should Have to Kill a Chicken

How to Build Momentum with Focus
What Does It Mean to Have a ‘Green’ Home, Really?
How I Waste Absolutely No Food at Home
You Don’t Have to: Buy a House
What I’ve Learned Converting to Mustachianism
The Blended Coffee Revolution
Creating an Energy Efficient, Tiny House Floor Plan

David and Goliath: Treat your Weaknesses as Strengths
My Ongoing Adventures of Creating a Blog
My Experience Moving Weebly to WordPress

Energy Efficient House Framing
Life at Home in the 21st Century
It’s 2016: Time to Design a Laneway House
What is the Perfect House?
What’s Wrong with the Car?


Confident Speaking and Active Listening
The Fine Art of Frugality…Apparel Edition
Can Cities Become Resilient?
The Fine Art of Frugality…Continued

The True Cost of Commuting
4 Ways to be a Little More Frugal
The Daily No-Fail Smoothie Recipe
Happiness, Regardless

Why I Need to Build a Tiny House
How the Vitamix is Saving my Life
12 Tips on Maximizing Foreign Language Learning
Good Health is a Super Power
Innovative Water Strategies: Part 4 – The North Vancouver MEC Building

The Cities and Houses of the 21st Century

Innovative Water Strategies: Part 3 – Green Roofs and Bioswales
Innovative Water Strategies: Part 2

Innovative Water Management: A 3-Part Series
The Hierarchy of Problem Solving

Don’t Discount the Past While Waiting for the Future
The Journey Not the Destination
3 Things I’ve Learned from 3 Years Meditation

How to Better Get from A to B
A Mission Statement for Yourself

The Problem With Packaging
Practice Being Present
Better Ways to Measure our Country’s Happiness

Think of the Possibilities!
The Oil Sands – Before and After
Are We All Hyper Consumers?
The Story of Easter Island
No Impact Man

Going Vegetarian
Buy Nothing Challenge
My Dream to Live in a Tiny House
Go With the Flow
How Much Does it REALLY Cost?

4 Strange and Amazing Alternative House Designs
The 4 Life Priorities I Learned at Summer Camp


Man’s Best Friend
A Story About Water
Happy for No Reason
Passion can Be People

How to Make a Free Custom Wedding Registry
Form Follows Function
7 Essential Skills I Learned From Dale Carnegie
Profound Quotes from Friends and Family
An Inspiring Short Story about a Mexican Fisherman
Quotes from Steve Pavlina
#3 Prioritize Your Life
Avoiding Judgement


Avoid Placing too much Security in Material Wealth
Critical Thinking
Does Money = Wealth?
Conscious Living
Bikes Are Awesome

The Century of the Small
A Lesson from Siddhartha
Transition Towns and Community Living
5 Ways to Take Control of Our Lives

The Theory of Anyway
Mitch Albom: On Living the Good Life
It’s All in Your Head

The Simple Joy of Travelling Light
The Many Benefits of Speed Reading
The First Year of Gardening: Part 2
My First Year of Gardening: What I’ve Learned


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