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That’s me on the right, Andrea my wife on the left. Both looking slightly sunburnt on a camping trip in Jasper National Park

Hey everyone! My name is Brady Faught, I’m 30 years old and I live in Vancouver, B.C. Canada.

Treading Light (originally Simplicify, and originally-originally bradyfaught.com) has been an ongoing project for 3+ years now, starting when I got in to reading self improvement books on learning how to be a better person to myself and others, and how to live healthier, happier and more simply. A blog seemed like a great way to keep track and share what I’ve learned.

So here we are.

What do I like to talk about most?

My favorite subjects are finance and frugality, reducing our environmental footprint, increasing our happiness and contentment, and living more simply.

So at first it might seem like this blog is all over the place (and it probably still is). But probably the biggest realization I’ve had writing this blog is how wonderfully connected all these are. In other words, if you make a positive change in one area, it trickles in to all the others. For instance if you resist spontaneously buying a coffee in a to-go cup, you save $$, avoid creating waste, and save those calories. If you ride a bike instead of drive, you get fit, you feel better, you save tons of cash and you reduce your negative impact on the Earth.

So that’s the beauty of this blog- I get to talk about a wide range of topics, while still being able to claim it’s all related! It’d be nice to have a more specific topic for a blog, but you know what? I get bored easily.

The “You Don’t Have to” Series

More recently I started what I called the “You Don’t Have to” series. For most of my life I unconsciously just followed the guiding hand of society: go to school, get a job, get married, by a car or three, get a house, and buy a bunch of nice things because you deserve it after all that work! But it has slowly dawned on me that it doesn’t have to be that way. You can choose the alternative route and come out unscathed, maybe even better off.

I just arrived to your site, where should I start?

There’s no defined order or introduction so you can simply click the ‘random’ article on the sidebar, or visit the Archives and see what looks catches your eye. Personally a few of my favorites are:

Passion Can be People

Form Follows Function: The Beautiful Result of Smart Design

The Happiness Catch-22: The Best Way to Appreciate Something you Have…is to Not Have it.

You Don’t Have to: Buy a House

4 Ways to be a Little More Frugal

The Hierarchy of Problem Solving


Thanks for visiting!

I should say, as I do work in government in the sustainability sector, that everything I write here is strictly my own personal viewpoints and values, and has nothing to do with my work.

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