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Our Little Home- Living Large in 543 Square Feet

Two years ago, Brady and I decided to buy a home. Exciting right? Most people would picture a modest home with a yard and a few bedrooms. However, we live in Vancouver so reality was a one bedroom condo that cost us as much as our friends’ 3 bedroom homes back in Alberta.

We shopped around, got into some bidding wars and ended up with a condo that is technically a studio (since our bedroom window looks into the kitchen not outside). Apparently we had looked at this condo at the beginning of our search and I had said it was too small.

But then reality hit and it was what we could afford. Fast forward 2 years… I couldn’t love our little home more! It’s cozy and warm and more than enough space for all of our needs. However, it has taken the 2 years to really settle in and feel at home. I am going to share some of the ways we have really made this space work for us.

This island can move wherever we so please

Movable furniture– I think our best item that is the most functional is our Ikea island. We push it around all the time to make space for it to be a dining table or to have more floor space for yoga or a workout. It also stores our pots and pans and plates, bowls and cups!

Reduced belongings– Brady and I had the opportunity to stay in our friend’s new tiny home this fall. Their home had cubbies beside the bed and a closet half the size of our coat closet. That was it for clothing storage. This inspired Brady and I to go through our belongings (Brady’s favorite activity!). Using Marie Kondo’s techniques (check out a previous post) as well as just being plain ruthless we got rid of a massive bag of clothes and kitchen items. And guess what? I don’t miss any of it.

A place for everything– The previous paragraph leads to this one. Having less belongings makes it much easier for everything to have a place. We actually have a few bins that are empty *gasp* . We installed Ikea drawers (Algot) in our closet and use lots of Ikea bins for various storage in our kitchen (Ikea Kallax shelf) and closet.

Accepting the space– This was the part that took me the longest to feel at peace with. I was always complaining that I couldn’t host people in our apartment because it was too small. So, for Brady’s birthday I decided to get over it and invite a group of people to come over with the pretense that we would be getting cozy and sitting on the floor.

We had 10 people in our house and to be honest we could have had more (thanks to our cool new sofa). Turns out I had to try it to realize people can be flexible and get-togethers do not have to revolve around everyone sitting at a large dining room table. I now look around our place and see a cozy comfortable home that serves all the purposes it needs to.

Cuddle pup loves her little den


    You 2 are an inspiration. I enjoyed your honest reflections on your personal learning process Ange…

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