Treading Light…What’s with the New Name?



After almost 2 years of, I decided it was time for name change. I’ve always waffled back and forth on changing the name, but the final nail in the coffin came when I realized my wife couldn’t even remember the name of my website.

It’s too bad because I really liked the phrase ‘simplicify’ and it felt creative: it was a play on the word ‘simplicity’ but by adding the ‘f,’ it created an action word rather than a descriptive word, as my goal of the website was to inspire simple actions and motivation in daily life.

But I just don’t think it was ‘sticky’ or simple to say and remember. It was a bit generic as well, not really representing a focused topic. So I decided to put myself through what I’m guessing is a big website growth no-no, and bought the domain name ‘’

I really like this name too, and I’m hoping it’s more straight forward than the previous name. I’m also hoping it narrows my blog’s focus, as what I’ve learned from a few podcasts on successful bloggers is that a “website made for everyone is a website made for no one.” I repeatedly think of the highly successful website No-Meat Athlete, a website for vegetarian and vegan runners. How much more specific can you get??

The logo I drafted up symbolizes life’s essentials: food, water, shelter and energy. I’m hoping to create a theme of sustainability covering these topics, and how to tread light in all aspects of life.

As a tidy bonus, I think the word ‘tread’ goes along nicely with my interest in bicycles (as in, tire tread…okay, might be a stretch), which I hope to rant about more in future posts.

Unfortunately the domain name change brings on it’s share of hassles: updating links, re-writing certain pages and updating all the SEO Google magic search-engine hocus pocus stuff. But alas, I’ll chalk it up as learning.

The site has come a long way since my first blog at, where I wrote about whatever random topic I felt like rambling about that week. That was nearly 3 years ago, and though I’ve come nowhere close to becoming what one would consider a ‘successful blogger,’ I’ve learned a lot about the blogging world, improved my writing immensely (I think?) and learned plenty about myself when it comes to motivation and staying consistent with weekly posting.

So here’s to the future of Treading Light, I hope you enjoy.


    I was wondering about the new name. I liked the old name, too, but I had trouble saying it out loud and that made it hard to recommend to friends. I’m glad to continue reading at your new domain – hope all goes smoothly!

      I really appreciate your comment Clearwing. I agree I really struggled with the name change. I liked Simplicify but it was a tongue-twister when said aloud. Hopefully Treading Light will work out better! Thanks for reading 🙂

    Here’s to Treading Light, and here’s to you, Brady, for putting it out there for us.
    Alan and Linda

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