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Noticing the Moments of ‘Enough’

I had the great fortune of getting to travel to Guatemala for a week, arriving home just a few days ago. I’d always wanted to visit a developing country so I could gain that appreciation for the astonishing number of daily privileges I have here in Canada, and I gotta say, I sure got what I wanted.

It’s a common theme for me to discuss our North American never-ending desire for more, looking ever towards the future for happiness and contentment, causing us to nudge our attention on the present aside. We’re never at just ‘enough.’

This is where the Guatemalan’s shine. I got to visit a coffee plantation and witness the daily work of the family. The mother was cracking jokes and the kids played with whatever was lying around. They explained the hardship and subsistence lifestyle they led, but said it not with a tone of despair, but with gratitude. They’re family was safe and had food on the table and to them, that was enough.

It’s hard to sometimes break away from our desires of a better future, but can we at least notice some moments of ‘enough?’ Just the other night I was sitting on the couch with my wife and dog, popcorn in hand and blanket over top and thought to myself, ‘this is all I need right now, there’s nothing that could make life better right now.’ For that time my job didn’t matter, or my desire for a new mountain bike, or whatever I think will somehow increase my happiness from the present moment.

And thanks to Guatemala, a beautiful country with beautiful people. Here are some more pictures!

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