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Why I Think Everyone Should Have to Kill a Chicken

Well, that’s probably the strangest sounding blog title I’ve ever written.

But it’s true. I believe that everyone should have to kill a chicken at some point in their life. As an aside to chickens: I’m really sorry about this suggestion.

How about scheduling it just like we do with our immunity shots in grade school?  Every Grade 9 student has to go to a farm, learn first-hand about where meat comes from, and perform the veritable ‘step 1’ in the process of getting that juicy hunk of chicken breast on our plates.

Sorry chicken, not even your hilariously festive hat can save you.

Full disclosure, I may have a hidden agenda in this, as I’m sure this would sway more young, impressionable people to consider a vegetarian diet, but as far as anyone is concerned it would simply be to remove that enormous degree of separation between living animal and beef teriyaki stir-fry.

Oh, and that’s not my only idea.

  • What about a field trip to see where garbage goes?
  • Or the sewage and wastewater from your house?
  • Or to go see an open pit mine for some perspective on where those fancy metals in your smart phone come from?

The behind-the-scenes magic that keeps our every day lives neat and tidy and cellophane-wrapped is astonishing. When you put out the trash, it simply ‘disappears.’ Do I know where it goes? No. Do I care where it goes? Not really.  All that I care about is that it’s gone and some unknown person is getting paid to deal with it.

But if we saw the process, it might help us second-guess saying ‘yes’ the plastic bag at the checkout counter.

I’ve never killed a chicken, but I want to (again sorry to poultry everywhere). Because, while I’m not totally sure, I bet the next time I’m at the supermarket and see that plastic-wrapped honey ham, I might have just a little more respect for where it came from.

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    I only eat fish and seafood partially because I could not personally slaughter the other animals. A field trip to kill a chicken is a horrifying idea, but mystery part-chicken nuggets in the lunch line might be the greater evil. I think the garbage field trip is a great idea, though. The only real problem is that school is there to make people good citizens, not to teach them critical thought.

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