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What I’ve Learned Converting to Mustachianism

I think I’ve finally found a religion that truly speaks to me.

Mr. Money Mustache has proclaimed through the medium of blog posts, how to achieve ‘financial freedom through badassity,’ and in doing so has developed a way of life known as Mustachianism. I haven’t yet made it through all of his 200+ articles that he’s written in only a few short years, but I’m slowly making my way and as I do, my faith only becomes stronger.

MMM (and his wife, Mrs. Money Mustache), cover all sorts of money-saving, live-improving and happiness-creating topics like the overwhelming benefits of riding a bike, how to repair and renovate parts of a house yourself, and how to save enormous amounts on your grocery bill…to name just a few.

The particularly cool thing is that as you read more, it starts to dawn on you that all of it is amazingly interconnected: DIY projects make you happier, save you money and make you a better person, for example.

As an engineer himself, he really tickles the numbers side of my brain by not just simply declaring “biking is fun, and great for your health,” but instead breaks it down with statistics and calculations to prove that biking saves you thousands of dollars over the years and is less dangerous to your life than driving.

Here are some of the highlights for me:

  1. It’s totally possible to retire at 40, or in his case, even 30, just through reducing expenses in your life, and making smart decisions with your money and time.
  2. Pay less for your groceries by figuring out where to shop and what to buy. For instance, buying from Costco can save you tons of money, and staples like lentils and rice is way cheaper than a steak when looking at the calories or protein content per $.
  3. Where you live plays a significant role in your yearly expenses. Many think since houses are cheaper out in the suburbs, that life out there is less costly. But what’s not factored in is the cost of commuting, additional car ownership, and even the cost to your health and time.
  4. In terms of retiring early and saving, being frugal can be more effective than having a high-paid salary. Many people with big wages simply match it with more expenses, keeping them on the working treadmill.
  5. Biking is less dangerous, as the improvement to your health from cycling versus sitting in a car in traffic outweighs the added danger of riding your bike.

There’s plenty more gems of simple life advice to be found, written in smart, hilarious prose. I’ve already converted, it’s just too bad I can’t grow a good mustache…

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