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The No-Fail Daily Smoothie Recipe

This is a follow up to my proclamation to the world my love for the Vitamix blender.

For the lazy man and woman, the smoothie provides the absolute highest ‘nutrition-received’ to ‘work and time required’ ratio. Within 10 minutes, I can throw everything in, blend it, pour, drink it, and clean it, and it makes enough for breakfast for both my wife and I, plus two filled mason jars (hipsters rejoice) for our morning snacks at work.

Here’s the basic step-by-step of what I’ve carefully crafted over the last few years, and you can keep it interesting by mixing up what fruit you use or trying different vegetables. This is far from a set-in-stone recipe, so experiment with it to make it what tastes best to you.

The Base
About a cup of juice (coconut water is great too)
1 banana (frozen or fresh)

A handful of kale, spinach or wheatgrass
For serious money savings, grow kale and spinach in the spring/summer/fall. You’ll feel pretty awesome breaking off a few leaves and sticking them in the blender.
You can also try growing wheatgrass any time of year in trays, for which you can buy everything you need at Mumm’s Sprouting Seeds

4269271Frozen Fruit
First, fill that freezer with Costco mega-packs of frozen fruit. They typically stock Pineapple, rasperries, blueberries and others, and some are organic. All are delicious.
Dump about 2-3 cups of frozen berries in, and have an assortment to mix it up daily.

Other Fruit and Veggies
Got some bruised looking apples? A ton of carrots?
Cut up the apple in quarters (seeds and skin included!) and break the carrots in half. Then drop ‘er in.

The Fancy Stuff
For some added nutritional punch, try some flax seed, hemp hearts or chia seeds. Maybe a 1/8 cup. Don’t measure just pour. They might to a varying degree make your smoothie slightly more gelatinous, especially the chia seeds and not so much the hemp hearts. So play around with it.
Protein powder of your choice.

The Nutrients
We add our Omega-3 fish oil right in – a teaspoon or so. I know it sounds like a bad idea to add anything with the word ‘fish’ to a smoothie but it doesn’t change the taste at all as most are now apple flavoured or something anyway.

And Finally…
Fill it up with water to about 1 inch below the top of your pile of nutritious goodness.Now blend that s#$% up!

You might get the odd funny one if you’re trying to be adventurous, but eventually you’ll have it dialed down to where your creation is a heavenly delight every time. Most people I tell about this blender scoffs at the price ($400+) but this  appliance has paid itself off multiple times over in health and convenience benefits. Did I mention there’s no dishes? It takes literally 10 seconds to clean by giving it a decent rinse.

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