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How the Vitamix is Saving My Life

1691832_origOkay fine, so that title is a major overstatement, but I thought I’d use it for dramatic effect.  An electric kitchen appliance is in fact not saving me from my demise, but I can guarantee that it is adding to my long term quality of life. What appliance you ask? The Vitamix Blender.

There are a lot of gimmicks and unnecessary “one-function” kitchen tools out there that look great at the exhibition but end up in the back of the cupboard after a month. However this 1 horsepower blending/destruction machine is the workhorse in our house.

We make smoothies every day in the morning and soups at least once a week. In fact, it’s is so powerful if you blend soup for 5 minutes it comes out steaming hot!! The amazing thing is, I don’t get sick of drinking smoothies every day. They’re so delicious and you can switch up your recipe so often that they always taste great. We also waste a lot less produce because of it. Wilted spinach? In it goes! Carrots getting to the end of their lives? Blend it up. Honestly, you can blend ANYTHING with this machine.

I’m not the type of person that’s good at linking causes and effects in my daily life. For example, some people are able to realize “oh, I had dairy this morning that’s why I’m sleepy at work this afternoon.” I don’t generally notice these connections, and switching from cereal to smoothies every morning didn’t really seem to have a huge effect on my day. Or so I thought. Once I started really thinking about it, I realized that I haven’t felt tired at my desk in the afternoon for quite a while. I’ve still had energy at 11pm before bed and I don’t have much trouble any more getting up for work at 6:30am. Then, that got me thinking more than just energy levels:

– Rarely a day goes by when I don’t exercise
– My acne has been pretty much non-existent
– I’ve been reading more books and been generally more productive
– I’ve felt in a overall happy mood through pretty much all of the cold, dark, somewhat guaranteed depressing time of our Canadian winter from December to February-ish
– I can’t remember the last time I was really sick
– My thoughts and my mind just feel clearer

So what changed in my life? Hmm is it my diet change? Ah-ha! Since switching to mostly organic foods, having smoothies in the morning with our glorious Vitamix and trying to have a salad for most suppers, I’m sure they have something to do with all these positive changes. But since the transition from my old diet was so slow I didn’t really realize the changes until thinking back on the last year.

No-Meat Athlete, a great blog written by a vegan runner, says that if you can manage to have a smoothie in the morning and a salad at night, you’ve pretty much done your healthy eating for the day.  So for example you could probably get away with that tasty XL poutine at lunchtime (once in a while), and not feel too guilty about it.

So to sum up, no, an appliance is not saving my life, but I certainly feel like I’ve got more life in me since that beautiful Vitamix box arrived on our doorstep.


    “Honestly, you can blend ANYTHING with this machine.”

    Brady: “yeah, you can make a smoothie with a whole orange, no need to even peel it. My dad does it all the time”

    So yes you can blend anything. Weather it will taste good… well that is another question.

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