Good Health is a Superpower

If you happen to be an incredibly lucky individual, you may have been blessed with the most amazing possession someone on this planet can have: a healthy body. Having relatively good health is what I would call a gift, a miracle, or even a superpower.

Okay, so I realize it’s not a superpower that’ll get get you on the X-men team any time soon, but all you need to make significant positive change in this world. In fact, there are countless amazingly influential and successful people who weren’t given a completely functioning body, so those of us who can walk and breathe and speak and see and hear and do, we should understand how unbelievable that is- and act accordingly.

These super powers need to be used for good and should not be squandered. It’s almost like we have a responsibility or a civil duty to make the most of this gift, much like Spider-man deems it necessary to use his powers to help New York City. It’d sure seem like a waste if Peter Parker just sat around watching cartoons and eating chips all day, don’t you think? It almost makes me a little weirdly irritated just thinking about that situation!:

“Why would you throw that amazing opportunity away, Peter?” I’d say to him. “You can shoot webbing out of your hands for crying out loud, and you’re just sitting there??”

Wasting our gift of a healthy body and mind is no different- we can use our gifts to tackle the biggest problems in the world, fight crime (maybe not by swinging from rooftops however), and we can even just be really good at our jobs and inspire the people around us. We can have a cause and have goals. We can keep learning new skills, and always try to better ourselves and use those powers for good. The world is counting on us. Get your skin-tight suit on if necessary.

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