Think of the Possibilities!

Do you ever stop and think about the absolutely mind-blowing amount of opportunity and information and freedom that we have in our lives? You can buy any material good you can think of with the click of a button. You can find accurate information and the answers to all your questions within a minute on your cell phone. You can video chat with anyone on the planet (usually for no cost). If you are craving authentic Vietnamese food or a Mexican burrito, you can easily find it. Year-round you can go to your grocery store and buy a cantaloupe from Costa Rica, a pineapple from Hawaii and rice from China, and all for a very reasonable cost. You can buy a new t-shirt (an intricately weaved piece of cloth, hand-sewn to your size and shipped halfway around the world) for $6. Every possible product, opportunity and possibility is accessible to us, right now at this moment.
You could try to do this, but I wouldn't advise it.
You could try to do this, but I wouldn’t advise it.

Today you could go shave your head. Today you could buy a plane ticket and be on a beach in Thailand tomorrow. You can go running, anywhere, anytime, or hop in your car right now, and drive somewhere. You could be teaching English in Guatamala or dig water wells in Africa within a week or two. You can confess your love to someone or tell someone you despise them.  You can sell everything you own and start over, quit your job and go back to school; become a travel blogger, a zookeeper, a vegan chef, or a hippie that sells handmade bracelets. You can work for someone else or work for yourself, and do so living in pretty much any country in the world. Today you can get a tattoo of a dragon on your arm. You can plant a garden, write a book, donate your all savings, you can climb a mountain, or start a protest.

Today we can do almost anything we can possibly think of. What’s stopping us?

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