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Passion can be People

medium_John-HarrisonToday, let’s talk about passion. Say you have a “passion” for baking, so you take out a big loan and you open a bakery. Now two things can happen:

Outcome #1. You are overjoyed at being given the opportunity to bake all the time and waking up at 5:30 am every day is no problem. Despite the difficulties of starting a business, you’re living your dream and couldn’t be happier.

Outcome #2. Over time, baking becomes not a enjoyable hobby anymore. Instead it begins to feel like work that has to be done to pay the bills. You miss just baking simply for fun.

Let’s consider ‘Outcome #2’, the case that passion for something can simply become mundane once it’s associated with a paycheck. How about if we look at passion from a different perspective?

Picture your dream job. Let’s take mine for example: becoming an ice cream tester (still working on my resumé). If I get to eat ice cream every day, that is awesome. But what if the people I work with are mean and judgmental of my tasting technique and no fun to be around? Then that’s a bad job right?

Now think of a generally unpleasant job, like an outhouse toilet cleaner (my apologies if that’s actually what you do). It’s not the most exciting task I can think of, but imagine you get to work with your best friends and other super amazingly fun, supportive and positive people every day.

Which job would you choose? I would still have trouble saying no to ice cream but I would absolutely work where the great people are.

So this brings me to my thought of the day: what if our passion can be people? I think we put a lot of focus on finding our so-called ‘passion,’ how about finding people we love to be around and working with them, regardless of whether or not that work or business is based around something you absolutely love?

If you have good people around that make you feel great about yourself, that will always be a buffer for any job, good or bad, because even ice cream testers have to fill out a ton of paperwork.

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