Profound Quotes from Friends and Family

Everybody loves a good ol’ inspiring quote. But typically the only ones we ever hear are said by an old famous person from the 1900’s or some celebrity. But what about that time that your mom dropped that off-the-cuff, profound one-liner during casual conversation during lunch last week?

So I decided to start keeping track of those inspiring every-day quotes, and I want to share a few here:

“I just want to say that I’m glad to be here. Heck, I’m glad to be anywhere!”
    -friend’s grandpa during wedding speech

“I grew up with the mountains and you’d expect that I don’t appreciate them anymore or maybe I take them for granted because I see them out my window every morning when I wake up, but it’s not true. Every day I think to myself ‘Wow, the mountains are beautiful.’ I will always love the mountains as much as the first day that I saw them.”
  – good friend I lived with in Salt Lake City, Utah

“My car got broken into this morning and for hours after I just felt this feeling of personal attack and discomfort from someone being in my car. But then I realized, that was just a choice I was making to feel like that. So I simply chose to stop feeling that way.
– friend from yoga class in Vancouver

Similar idea:
“I came out of university and didn’t get the dream job I wanted. So I took a low-paying job at a retail store and didn’t enjoy it. But I decided I didn’t want to feel miserable every day, I wanted to feel happy. So I decided to act happy every day, and I ended up being happy. As simple as that. Since then I’ve moved up in the company and I love it.
     – supervisor at work

What amazing things have people in your life said that struck a chord or changed your perception?

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