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Does Money = Wealth?

What does it mean to be wealthy? The word wealth instantly conjures the thought of a big bank account and a ballin’ penthouse with fancy leather furniture. This is the immediate response simply because we’ve grown up thinking money can essentially buy you whatever you could possibly need. But can it actually?

My theory is true wealth = independence. Let’s start with an example:

Let’s compare using cash to buy industrial-produced lettuce from the store (money) versus growing your own lettuce at your house (independence).

MONEY – Industry Lettuce:
What’s required?
  • Oil – from Saudi Arabia
  • Gasoline – from Venezuala
  • Seed – from USA
  • Water – local
  • Fertilizer – from Canada
  • Packaging – from China
  • (Potentially) Pesticides – from USA
  • Labour to grow and harvest
  • Cold storage and shipping
  • Several days between picking and eating

INDEPENDENCE – Home-grown Lettuce

What’s required?

Soil – your house
Water – city or (better) rain barrel
Seed – local
Your labour to grow and harvest
Several minutes between picking and eating




Money can buy you whatever is available in a store, but what happens if what you need isn’t on the store shelf one day? The grocery store lettuce relies on many complex systems, whereas the backyard garden lettuce has all its systems in one location footsteps from your dinner plate. If money suddenly can’t fulfill part of your basic needs, I don’t think you’re truly wealthy! Further, the polluting processes of the industrial lettuce damage the land and water and air we breathe. I hope your starting to see where true wealth lies!

A previous post I wrote talked about vulnerability, and how we need to become independent and take the proverbial steering wheels of our lives. This will help make us resilient to any problems (local or global) that the future may hold.

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