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The Simple Joys of Traveling light

Do you remember your first time traveling with a backpack? Maybe it was when you graduated high school and university and you jumped on a plane with your best buds to some faraway land, where that the only thing you knew about your destination was its location on the map and what you read skimming the guide book.

If you remember it well, you might also recall the tricky experience of trying to fit all those necessary and important clothes/documents/tools that you needed to get you through your adventure…into a limited sized backpack.

Now looking back on these times, I took way too much stuff the first trip I went on! I remember a bunch of things I didn’t use at all- they just took up space and slowed me down. Now, being an older and (hopefully) wiser version of myself and having learned from my mistakes, I choose to travel light. This means only the essentials, knowing that if I really need something there’s a good chance I can find it when I arrive.

And now that you’ve thought about your packing skills for travel, apply those same ideas to your daily life. I try to live light, because just like travel, excess stuff that I don’t really need just slows me down and distracts me from the important parts of my day. Some people carry huge metaphorical backpacks in their lives- too much extra stuff that isn’t needed and just means more work ‘carrying it around.’

I bet you remember when you were traveling and had everything you required to live on your back. It was simple and it was freeing. See if you can experience that sensation of freedom every day. Try and simplify what’s in your life’s backpack.

It’s not how few things we own that matters. It’s whether we make those things count.”
– Leo Babuata from Zen Habits

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