"You Don't Have to" Series, Reducing Stress

You Don’t Have to: Worry

‘Don’t sweat the small stuff; and it’s all small stuff.’ – Richard Carlson Our team at work recently had Justin Langlois join us as an artist-in-residence for a year to provide artistic input on our sustainability initiatives. As icing on the cake, his final project was a new public art piece in False Creek: Personally I love the sign.  There’s certainly plenty to…

Finance, Minimalism

Don’t Get Swindled by the Psychology of Shopping

“When consumers feel like they’re missing out, they buy just to avoid being the loser. That’s loss aversion at its finest: When an individual scrambles to buy an item simply because he or she doesn’t want to be left without.” – Beinghuman.org What just happened? At 8:00am I entered a long lineup outside the Vancouver Conference…

Green Building, Sustainability, Water Management

It’s Time to Rebrand: ‘Natural Gas’ just Ain’t Natural Anymore

I don’t know who came up with the name Natural Gas, but from a PR perspective, the branding team knocked it out of the park. To me, the words ‘oil’ and ‘coal’ conjure thoughts of dirty, smelly and polluting things: grizzled blue-collar guys torquing huge wrenches while black gooey muck sloshes out of the ground. It’s billowing smoke…

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